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Data & Reporting

Realtime insights

The only tool you need for insights on your business, marketing & product goals.

The Insights Dashboard shows the data of all different marketing channels in one clear dashboard.

Only the relevant KPI’s which apply to the relevant company are shown.

Instead of showing unfiltered, the Blooming Dashboard provides insights into how your target market performs and divides these among target groups.

This makes it possible to identify which target group performs better and to adjust marketing campaigns to this relevant target group.

The Insights Dashboard

  • Shows data from all different channels in one clear Dashboard.
  • Shows only relevant data due to it’s tailor-made and on Key Performance Indicators based insights. 
  • Excludes people whom are not interesting for the company based on demographic & geographic data.
  • Compares different target groups and adjusts the marketing activities according to which target group performs better.


  • Realtime insights
  • All data of different channels in one clear dashboard
  • Reach marketing purposes through relevant data
  • Analyse & compare campaigns
  • Minimize marketing processes
  • Save time
  • Responding to opportunities and threats
  • Endless opportunities
Realtime insights
All data
Relevant data
Analyse & compare

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